Speech Department Head

Susan Shapiro
(508) 799-3065

Speech Department

Speech-Language Pathologist
A speech-language pathologist (therapist, specialist, clinician, or as the students say, teacher) is a licensed and certified specialist in human communication,  normal development and disorders.

An audiologist is a licensed and certified specialist in working with children who have a diagnosed hearing loss.

The SLP improves the communication skills of students in social and academic settings. In order to help students access the curriculum, the SLP may:

  • Perform screenings and evaluations to assess the need for intervention
  • Develop and implement Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Section 504 accommodation plans
  • Provide intervention services to students identified with communication disabilities either individually or in small groups. Services are provided in both the inclusion and pull-out models


Signs of Communication Problems

  • If a child began talking later than expected
  • If a child is performing below expectations in the classroom
  • If a child is having difficulty learning to read
  • If a child has difficulty expressing his/her thoughts or ideas
  • If a child has difficulty understanding spoken language

If you suspect that your child has a communication disability ask your child’s teacher, school administrator or SLP about how to initiate the screening process